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Who is the Tenth Tennessee?

Company D, Tenth Tennessee Volunteer Infantry is an organization of living historians dedicated to public education and awareness of the American Civil War. Comprised of men and women who volunteer their time and efforts at historical events all over the country, the Tenth provides an excellent insight into one of the darkest hours of American history.

Civil War living history, commonly known as re-enacting, is a quickly growing hobby in which participants make all efforts to recreate the look and behavior of the people during the years of 1861 to 1865. Soldiers of both sides (Union and Confederate), civilians, and even merchants go to extensive lengths to give the spectators the felling of “stepping back in time”.

The uniforms, outfits and equipment shown are authentic reproductions of identical items from the period. Great amounts of research go into each historian’s “impression” or recreation of a particular person or unit. Specialized manufacturers recreate materials and processes to give living historians as accurate of a look as possible.

At events, the living historians recreate the living conditions as closely as possible for the spectators. Civilians with families set up camp with tents and firepits while soldiers will establish a military camp. Some military camps demonstrate a tented camp while others depict a camp of soldiers on the march. Rain or shine, living historians demonstrate how the people of the time “made do” through all conditions.

Civil War re-enacting is about promoting historical learning and enjoyment. This is a hobby that every participant enjoys and comes out with a little more appreciation of the period they recreate. Living historians give presentations at schools, presentations at colleges and even marches in parades. Each member dedicates significant time and money into bringing history alive and honoring those who fought during the American Civil War.

We encourage you to discover more about the US Civil War and becoming a living historian. Please take the time to visit our schedule to see about events in your area.